Facility & Technology

Yager Marine conducts barge building and repair services in a state-of-the-art facility covering nearly 60,000 square feet on the bank of the Ohio River in Owensboro, Ky.

Our shipyard building was expanded to its current size in 2012 and outfitted with two complete manufacturing lines using advanced technologies that enable us to fabricate more parts with increased efficiency. Our investment in sophisticated equipment gives us the ability to construct and repair barges with a quick turnaround time.

With an overhead crane rail of more than 795 feet, we are able to construct barges up to 260 feet in length and 72 feet in width. Multiple 10-ton magnet-duty cranes are equipped with plate-handling spreader beams. A 32-ton overhead crane has an 80-foot span and lifting height of 42 feet. An advanced automated, one-sided welding system with plate positioning input and output conveyors eliminates the need to turn over plates.

In short, Yager Marine has the capability to build and repair barges of highest quality in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.